In conflict-affected regions, peacebuilding and reconstruction often fail to fully benefit from the voices and contributions from local communities and grassroots initiatives. Effective and meaningful civil society engagement leads to beneficial outcomes such as improvements in reaching vulnerable communities, accountability, and resource mobilization.

However, so far, civil society capacities have not been fully harnessed because of constraints to their engagement. To fully leverage the skills and expertise that civil society has to provide, clear guidance and support mechanisms should be in place to enhance communication, transparency, consultation, as well as civil society alignment and capacity.

Therefore, Nexus action aims to ensure the role of civil society is present, their voices are heard, and they are central to any thinking and planning on the future of conflict-affected regions. Nexus Action’s efforts in this domain will involve:

  • Raising civil society’s profile through enhancing the networking among themselves and linking them with decision-makers at all levels
  • Encouraging joint planning for initiatives to address common issues